Fantasy Rugby: Playoff Transfers

This quick article takes a look at how transfers and player limits apply for the playoffs in our fantasy games this year.

By Edward Kerr
31st May 2019
By Edward Kerr
31st May 2019

Our fantasy games continue through the playoffs for each of the competitions we are running this season, and in order for everyone to maintain their squads through this period, we've made a few tweaks to the transfer and player limits...

While the regular season runs with 28 players as the minimum requirement for your squad, through the playoffs, this is additionally a maximum requirement. We've set this up like this to ensure that you will require some discretion in who to choose for your squad, and hopefully avoid everyone having the same players. The quality of the players you will be able to sign will largely depend on how much money you have been able to make with your squad over the course of the regular season. That said, we're not expecting people to have too many problems.

Throughout the playoffs, all transfers are free, and there is no maximum. With the availability of players ever dwindling through this period, it was important to us that you all had flexibility, and no stragglers left in your squad.

The quarter-final stage of Super Rugby will retain the same 5 player per team rule that has been in place through the regular season, and this competition along with the Premiership will be subject to a 7 player per team limit for the semi finals, and then a 14 player limit for the final.

This will obviously leave 5 players left over who are not playing, given the squad minimum of 28 players, but given that this is one of the core rules of the game, we're not keen on removing it even at this stage. That said, this is the first time that the game will run through the playoffs, and we'll be on the lookout for any lessons to be learnt.

Good luck to everyone for the weekend, and through to the end of the season!

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Written by: Edward Kerr
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